A British Penguin Tour

Our family took a trip to England and Wales, staying mostly in the vicinity of Bristol, during the course of which we visited four zoos with penguins. The highlight was a visit to Dudley Zoo where our younger son got to meet the chicks of the penguin a friend had "adopted" there for him. Here are some of the photos:

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cute little penguin in glasgow
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A myspace for Roxy London Zoo's rockhopper: she's looking for love

(image property of myspace.com/roxyrockhopper & zsl.org)

An refreshing news comes from London Zoo a day before valentine's day.
One of their rockhoppers, Roxy, published a myspace in search for love.

She's a cute rockhopper, she doesn't have the diva attitude though she's a world-class celebrity, and she lovingly admitted have a body type of 33cm with some extra bagage. You can say, she keeps her head down to earth.
You can check her out and (if you have a myspace account) invite her as a friend at http://www.myspace.com/roxyrockhopper  

Hopefully, this breakthrough from Roxy will encourage more people to fall in love to Roxy and her endangered relatives out there!!
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