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All Penguins! All The Time!

Rockhopper or Fairy, Emperor or King, We Love Them All!

Penguins! Penguins! Penguins!
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for people who love penguins. Did you see March of the Penguins or read about the gay penguins in New York? Feel free to post pictures, links, information, environmental news or discussions of penguins you've seen.

Please place large photos, multiple images, lengthy articles and long stories about your encounters with penguins behind cut tags. Some people get upset from pictures of penguins suffering from environmental damage or human maltreatment, so if you wish to make readers aware of a particular situation of that nature, please warn about it at the start of your post and place images behind a cut tag.

If you are posting material that is not your own, make certain that you have permission to be using it. Do not repost copyrighted photos and artwork, hotlink images from other sites or remove watermarks or other attributions. Where possible, photos and articles should be attributed by URL and photographer/writer.

Because children will be watching this community, we would like to keep the language and humor appropriate for all ages. If you wish to link to jokes or pictures of penguins not appropriate for minors, please be certain that the material is labeled as such.
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